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Father's Day Tea Gift

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About This Sampler

Dad deserves the best all year, but especially on his special day - Father's Day. We've created a limited-edition bundle to surprise him with the world's most prized tea, which will undoubtedly elevate your gift-giving status! Dad's love of the outdoors inspired this bundle with woodsy, earthy notes, the delicate nature of a Father's compassion and selflessness, and our desire to share some bonding time over cups of tea with him.

Teas Included

Song Zhong 2018: This Wu Long is big, bold, and super woodsy. It's an ancient tea that is believed to be from some of the oldest heirloom tea trees, with descendants over 1000 years old. It honors family lineage and delivers a refined ruggedness.

Bu Lang Shan 2015: This earthy Pu Er is a bold, full-bodied, and robust Sheng Pu, with a delicate balance of umami and notes of florals and dried fruits. This tea reminds us of the balance of Fatherhood: being a figure of stoic power and gentle selfless compassion at the same time.

Rou Gui, Guan Yin Yan, Spring 2021: Bold, dominating, and spicy, this Rou Gui embodies the classic masculinity one seeks in a satisfying Rou Gui. The Zheng Yan (true cliff) terroir Guan Yin Yan grants this tea a long clean finish with well-defined minerality. This tea is the gold-medal winner of the 2021 tea competition of The Tea Bureau of Wu Yi Shan.

Xiao Chi Gan 2021: A tenderly sweet red tea that reminds us of green dates and fresh longans. This red tea is naturally sweet, like how we feel about time spent with Dad while drinking tea together.

This set has one sample of each tea, four samples total.

  • Brewing Instructions

    Each category of tea has it's own brew temperatures, recommended tea to water ratios, and steep times. We recommend checking out the individual tea page for more details on each!

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