The Most Luxurious Tea Gift of The Season

This is the ultimate gift for lovers of luxury! With a selection of some of Tea Drunk's most prestigious and rare loose leaf teas included, it's sure to delight and impress even the most dedicated tea connoisseurs!

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Holiday Tea Sampler: The Ultra Luxe Selection

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Includes six packets of loose leaf teas
  • Green Tea

    Xi Hu Long Jing: The King Tea of China! This historically famous green tea is a true masterpiece from the first pickings of heirloom tea trees of the famed Shi Feng Shan.

  • Dan Cong, Wu Long (Oolong Tea)

    Ba Xian: One of the most prized cultivars from the most revered terroir, our Ba Xian is harvested from old trees in its birth village. This tea is elegant and grounded, tender and everlasting, with notes of tangerines and ancient tree bark - a masterpiece of a Dan Cong.

    Lei Kou Chai: An elegant and floral Dan Cong cultivar, Lei Kou Chai has a permeating yet evasive jasmine note that is distinctly alluring. This is an award-winning batch that exemplifies the unique "lan" quality, often regarded as the highest praise in all Chinese teas.

    Ao Fu Huo: Decadent like creamy butterscotch with hints of wildflowers, this Dan Cong cultivar is forward and layered, unwavering in its profile and mysterious in its transformation. This is an Wu Long that lingers long on your palate and forever in your heart.

  • Red Tea

    Chan Cha: A unique red tea handmade by Fa Yu Fa Shi, a Buddhist monk, in ultra-small batches from semi-wild tea trees that are decades to 100 years old.

  • Pu Er Sheng Cha

    Gao Gan You Le Long Pa: Tender and sweet, our handmade Long Pa is harvested from ancient tea trees 200-600 years old. You Le is one of the six ancient mountains east of the Lan Cang River. Le De is a highly sought-after micro-terroir yielding the sweetest Pu Er.

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