The 2023 Tea Season Pre-Sale is Almost Here!

Tea Drunk teas are only harvested 10-15 days a year by the very best heritage farmers. We source tea exclusively from the most prestigious terroir. Made from rare indigenous and heirloom varietals, our teas are crafted with the utmost care using techniques refined over centuries.

Our Annual Tea Season Pre-Sale allows you to be the first to enjoy these precious and rare teas at an incredible value!

Save up to 60% on some of the world's most prized teas!

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Annual Tea Season Pre-Sale

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If you are purchasing the Pre-Sale + other teas, we recommend making separate orders for the teas you'd like shipped sooner than the Pre-Sale release dates.
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    Get The Best Prices of the Year

    During our Annual Pre-Sale, you’re able to get our exceptional top-terroir tea at our lowest price possible. You save up to 60% on some of the world’s most top-shelf teas! It’s truly the best sale we offer all year.

    Are you a member of our Educational Tea Club? Tea Club members get an EXTRA 20% off! Look out for an email with your exclusive discount code if you are a member.

  • Be Among The Very First To Try The New Harvests

    You’re guaranteed to be the first to get this year’s tea delivered straight to your door. As a Tea Drunk community member, we appreciate your support helping us prepare for the new harvest during the on-going pandemic constraints.

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What Do I Get?

When you purchase a package during our Annual Pre-Sale, you receive this year’s curated selection, which will include 12 different true-origin teas. Because each tea is unique it its vintage, we will not know which cultivars make the cut this year. But we promise, they will the best that the crops have to offer!

Top terroir teas have a much longer processing and fining cycle than plantation teas. The final teas are typically not ready until September - December.

We offer two shipping options:

  • Recieve one package of all 12 teas in November-December
  • Recieve two packages: one in December with just Wu Longs and the rest in September

Pre-Sale Rate Tiers

Early Bird Rates: Opens March 25 - April 10

Sampler Selection $100: 12 samplers of 2022 tea

Devotee Selection $500: 12 ounces of 2022 tea

Regular Rates: Opens April 11 - May 15

Sampler Selection $150: 12 samplers of 2022 tea

Devotee Selection $750: 12 ounces of 2022 tea

When Will I Receive My Tea?

The very best teas are never the first to hit the global market. Because of higher elevations and more challegning climates, top terroir teas are harvested later than plantation and low elevation teas. And yan chas from true cliff, the core of the UNESCO Heritage Site in Wu Yi Shan, have a long roasting process that can take months to complete.

We know many of you are eager to try your 2022 teas, so we have two options of delivery:

1. Receive all 12 teas at once after yan cha roasting is complete. This means you will receive one package in November.

2. Receive two boxes, one with all of the teas besides yan cha in September, and then a second package of just the selected yan chas in November.

You must choose this selection in the dropdown box before purchasing.

*Please note: There is an added cost to the two box option that covers the second box's shipping cost. Shipping costs for the first box (or the single box option) are calculated based on location at check out.