Fill Your Cup of Love With Tea

Valentine's Day is a holiday to celebrate love in all of its glory. Love in relationships, friendships, self-love, love of admiration, and respect. Skip the bouquet of flowers this year and gift this unique, limited-edition set of four teas curated to honor all types of love.

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The Bouquet: A Valentine's Day Tea Sampler

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  • White Tea

    Wild Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle): A white tea that exudes delicate romance in so many ways. It tastes like the sweetest spring water, warmed by the sun and deeply crisp. The balance of exuberance and lightness is comforting while maintaining excitement.

  • Yan Cha, Wu Long (Oolong Tea)

    Rou Gui: There isn't a tea that embodies both passion and pure commitment better than Rou Gui. It's bold, dominating, and spicy, with a balance of a masculine vibe and bubbly feminine excitement.

  • Red Tea

    Xiao Chi Gan: Natural sweetness, just like the pureness of love! This ultra-umami red tea has the aroma of sweet tangerines and the tannins of rose petals with a woodsy finish. It is a unique red tea from the regal Jin Mu Dan cultivar.

  • Pu Er Sheng Cha

    You Le Long Pa: This tea is the sweetest Pu Er east of the Lan Cang River. Hailing from the most sought-after village on You Le Shan, this tea is round and shyly floral with notes of sugarcane. We love it for its pure elegance!

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