Celebrate Year of the Dragon

We raise our cup to a soaring year,

Reaching high with the fragrance of tea,

For the life energy in a leaf

Brings us growth, wisdom, and prosperity.

Lunar New Year is one of the most festive holidays of the year! And many say this year is special because it's the year of the Dragon!

Gift this exclusive sampler pf six distinctive teas to a loved one and to yourself for a year filled with peace, strength, wisdom, prosperity, and out of this world happiness!

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Year of the Dragon Tea Sampler

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  • Green Tea

    Lu An Gua Pian

    Qi Shan, Lu An, Early Spring 2022

    This is a umami, grassy and buttery green tea from China's 1000-year old tea city, Lu An. May this classic tea bring you a solid and smooth year.

  • Yellow Tea

    Huo Shan Huang Ya 

    Jin Ji Shan, Huo Shan, Early Spring 2021

    Umami, floral with notes of sweet corn. Taste this rarest kind of tea and experience the charm of 100% handmade tea. May this exclusive tea bless your year with precious memories!

  • Wu Long (Oolong) - Dan Cong

    Bai Ye

    Feng Xi, Feng Huang, Spring 2022

    A bright and aromatic cultivar with notes of peach and warming woods from the old trees the leaves are harvested from. May this joyful tea fill your year with bubbles and energy!

  • Wu Long (Oolong) - Wu Yi Yan Cha

    Que She

    Mi Tuo Yan, Wu Yi Shan, Spring 2022

    The name translates to tongue of oriental magpie, which is a lucky bird in Chinese culture that brings good news. May this gently roasted floral wu long bring you lots of luck and fortune!

  • Red Tea

    Xiao Chi Gan

    Gua Dun, Tong Mu, Early Spring 2021

    Red and sweet from China's most protected nature reserve, this tea is the embodiment of a new year celebration. May this tea bring you happiness and serenity, like it already is in a cup!

  • Pu Er Sheng Cha

    Ban Po Lao Zhai

    Ban Po Lao Zhai, Nan Nuo Shan, Spring 2018

    Hand-harvested deep in the forest from gu shu 200-600 years old, this pu er is weighty and round with floral finish. From the ancient tea trees to you, may your year be filled with wisdom and peace.

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Tea Drunk Year of the Dragon Tea Sampler

Lunar New Year 2024

Did you know that Chinese view ourselves as descendants of the dragon? This is also why it's the only zodiac year of a mythical animal.

The Chinese Dragon is powerful but benevolent. It brings strength and prosperity, like a dragon soaring in the sky!

And don't forget to come celebrate with us in person on the 18th, which is the 9th day of the new year. We'll be having lots of tea, doing calligraphy, and make our own dragon crafts!

Tea Drunk Lunar New Year Festival