The Divine Tea Garden of Huo Shan

The Divine Tea Garden of Huo Shan

This prolific garden of heirloom tea trees in Huo Shan was the home of the "Divine Tea Tree." The tree lived to be over 200 years old, which is quite unusual for bush-style varietals. 

The Ancient Story of the Divine Tea Tree 

When people discovered this single tea tree, they started picking the leaves. As they gathered from it, they noticed the leaves grew back almost instantaneously. The villagers proclaimed it the never-ending tea tree and saw it as a divine sign. When they returned to gather its leaves again, the tree had disappeared! In its place, the entire mountain had emerged with tea trees everywhere. 

Today, The Divine Tea Garden refers to the area surrounding the Divine Tea Tree, and the mountain where they thrive is the location of some of the most highly sought-after yellow tea

 Tea Drunk's Huo Shan Huang Ya comes from the the Divine Tea Garden. Taste some of this ancient history in your cup today! 

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