• Ted-ED's The History of Tea

    Tea Drunk's Shunan Teng was the Educator of Ted-ED's The History of Tea lesson, highlighting her educational expertise. The video has informed over 20 million viewers.

    Watch here

  • Great Big Story

    Every Spring, Tea Drunk heads to the most profound tea mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside heritage farmers. CNN's Great Big Story featured Shunan Teng's in-the- field pursuit of the most authentic tea in their video Searching For China's Ancient Tea Leaves inspiring over 6 million viewers.

    Watch here

  • The Today Show on NBC

    In 2022, The Today Show on NBC invited Tea Drunk to celebrate Chinese tea culture with a Gong Fu brewing lesson live on air during the Winter Olympics episode. Millions of at-home viewers watched live while millions more streamed the recording.

    Watch here

  • Departures Magazine

    Departures, the American Express Card Member's magazine accompanied Tea Drunk to Obera, Argentina to cover a 7-day tea processing course, led by Shunan Teng. A passionate tale of Tea Drunk setting a higher standard for the global tea industry is featured in the article, A New Leaf.

    Read here

  • Today.com

    Tea Drunk is well-respected as the gold- standard for tea and has been featured as an expert in many articles such as Today.com's article on the many benefits of drinking tea.

    Read here

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