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Tea Drunk teas are only harvested 10-15 days a year by the very best heritage farmers. We source tea exclusively from the most prestigious terroir. Made from rare indigenous and heirloom varietals, our teas are crafted with the utmost care using techniques refined over centuries.

Tea Drunk Annual Tea Season Pre-Sale allows you to be the first to enjoy these precious and rare teas at an incredible value! Don't miss it!

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  • Guided Tastings and Workshops

    We host small tea tastings and workshops on a weekly basis. Check out the events calendar to explore and join!


  • Multi-Vintage and Multi-Terroir Tea Tasting Sets

    We have created these bundles for the tea geeks! Dive into the nuanced differences of the same cultivar from different terroir, or the same tea from same producer across multiple vintages. A discerning palate starts with mindful tasting! Get them here.


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