• Restaurants and Cafes

    Provide top-shelf loose leaf tea to your guests! Let Tea Drunk handle the menu curation for alcohol alternative beverages and staff training for you. We’ll work together to build the best tea program to differentiate your establishment. Some current clients include: Silver Apricot, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, and Kajitsu

  • Distributors

    Looking to build a deep and exclusive relationship with Tea Drunk? We’ll work closely with you to build marketing and service plans to expand your customer base and exert your expertise in the specialty food and beverage industry. From ready-to-shelve teas to world-class training, Tea Drunk is your best partner. Some current partners include: Soy Te

  • Retail, Tea Services, and Community

    If you’re a tea lover, look no further than Tea Drunk to find the most exclusive specialty tea selection. No matter if you’re building a tea company or growing your community through sharing tea, Tea Drunk is your one-stop-shop for tea, education, and business consultation. Some current clients include: For All the Teas in China

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