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Welcome To Tea Club!

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We believe in presenting you with the best quality teas in the world to transport your senses and to show you firsthand all that authentic tea can be. Our Educational Tea Club is for tea explorers and adventurers, not just tea tourists. Dive deep with us in discussions on history, quality, and craftsmanship in ways that allow us to continue to be perpetual students of tea and its history. 

It’s our best-offered value; get two curated teas mailed direct to you and join our virtual group tasting sessions for each tea led by Shunan, our Founder and Tea Expert.


What Can I Expect?

We have two tiers for our Educational Tea Club Members to subscribe to, the Tea Club Classic and the Tea Club Reserve*.

Every Educational Tea Club Member receives the following each month, regardless of tier: 

  • A curation of two exceptional top-terroir teas mailed on the first business day of the month. 
  • Entry to an exclusive Live Zoom Tasting led by tea expert Shunan Teng for each tea. You can ask questions in real-time and taste the tea alongside Shunan and other community members. 
  • Detailed notes and visuals delivered via email to accompany each tasting.
  • Access to recordings of each Zoom Tasting to re-watch or view at your convenience.
  • An opportunity to share with fellow tea lovers - each live class is attended by a group of avid tea enthusiasts worldwide. Meet us, and let’s explore the world through tea together! 
  • Receive special discounts throughout the year, like during our Annual Tea Season Pre-Sale.

*The difference between the Classic and Reserve tiers is that our Reserve box focuses on only our rarest, top-shelf teas for curation.

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Learn With The Most Prestigious Chinese Tea House In New York

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Tea Drunk is a Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise in New York City intending to share exceptional tea knowledge and make the rarest and most prestigious teas in the world accessible to all. Through education and access, we aim to cultivate awareness in preserving this disappearing art. Every tea season, we search for the rarest teas that showcase their top terroir, superb craftsmanship, and true-to-origin varietals. We designed our Educational Tea Club to be a curated tea tasting and learning experience beyond any other subscription service on the market. 


Learn Directly From Our Founder and Tea Expert, Shunan Teng

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This unique guided educational experience is curated and led by Shunan Teng herself, the woman in charge of all Tea Drunk’s sourcing and ethos. She’s known for her relentless in-the-field pursuit of tea knowledge and her work in preserving Chinese tea traditions.

Each session is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Shunan about the teas she sources, the history of the regions she’s selected to feature, and ask engaging questions of your own. 


Tea Is Not A Beverage; It’s An Experience

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When curating each box, we focus on the three pillars of our sourcing: terroir, varietal, and craft. To uphold the highest tea standard, we currently only commission historically famous and historic teas that meet all three criteria for authenticity. We do not offer in-style teas or teas from secondary terroir or plantations. Your subscription box is held to the same high standards. 

Our exclusive, expert-taught classes allow you to deepen your understanding of two types of tea each month. Each subscription box is hand-curated based on concepts such as vintage or location to help you develop your palate in comparative tastings. This is an unparalleled level of sourcing transparency and education. You have a front-row seat to asking Shunan any questions you may have and share more profound stories of connection to the tea alongside other community members. 

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