• Distributors and Wholesale

    Are you looking to carry Tea Drunk tea for your community, events, or teahouse location? We offer a multitude of ways to partner with us as a wholesale account or distributor. Every business is different, so we tailor this offering to your needs and desires.

    Some current partners include: Soy Te, For All the Teas in China, Silver Apricot, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Kajitsu, Sanpoutei

  • Public Education

    We can be an incredible resource to public institutions for classes, installations, lectures, and more. Shunan Teng is known for her relentless in-the-field pursuit of tea knowledge and her work in preserving Chinese tea traditions. She travels yearly to historic tea mountains in China to harvest and even make tea alongside the heritage farmers. She is an avid educator on tea and has spoken at many prestigious institutions and is the educator for TED Ed lesson –The History of Tea.

    Some past clients include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Christie’s, Yale University, Stony Brook University, The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD), China Institute

  • Client Value Add

    Want to add value to a product you sell or offer a special incentive for your services? Adding a personalized tea experience or care package for clients or guests can be an incredibly unique and special addition or thank you to your most valued customers.

    Some past clients include: Audi, Van Cleef & Arpels

  • Corporate Training

    Allow us to help you teach your team valuable and transferrable soft skills through experiences with tea. With Tea Drunk, you can provide your employees with educational tea tastings or brewing classes that will assist their understanding of tea culture, Chinese cultural awareness, and etiquette. We can also license course materials from the Tea Drunk Academy to educate your staff in an array of tea related content.

    Some past clients include: Unilever, Van Cleef & Arpels

  • Team Building

    Looking for a bonding experience for your team? We provide a variety of unique team building activities such as educational tea tastings, virtual tea happy hours, mailable care packages, and brewing classes. Our offerings allow your team to spend quality time together while building their knowledge base of tea and tea culture. Multi-sensory experiences are shown in studies to increase connectivity and comfort between individuals, increasing efficiency and team unity.

    Some past clients include: Etsy, Squarespace, Louis Vuitton, Ab Initio

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