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Tea 101: Tea 101 is a great place to start. Learn here what tea is, how it is categorized, and what the most critical elements are to its creation.

History of Tea Watch this animated video created by Shunan Teng and TedEd that dives deep into the ancient history of tea. It guides you through tea’s evolution and how it became the second most drank beverage in the world today.

The Three Pillars That Make Up Our Tea: Learn about the factors that make up the world’s most prized teas and why we choose the teas that we do for our menu.

What Does It Mean To Be a Chinese Famous Tea? Over the years, certain teas have received great acclaim and reverence. Learn what teas these are and what makes them and their terroir so special to Chinese culture.

Why Is Location So Important To Tea?:  Read about the location structures of tea and how they are valued because of it. The origin location gives us a base of understanding the tea at real depth and genuine appreciation. You can also continue this topic and read about the meaning of terroir. 

Gong Fu Cha Teaware Explained Have you ever wondered why we use certain pieces of teaware? Start with the basics of gong fu cha with this breakdown of each element used in the brewing method.

Gong Fu Brewing Guide Increase your confidence in brewing with a Gai Wan and understanding the methods with this gong fu brewing guide. Learn how to use a Gai Wan and brew in this style.

When To Ditch The First Brew and Why This specific element of gong fu brewing is unique. Understand the how, when, and why we ditch the first brew.

Brewing Green and Yellow Teas: Green teas and yellow teas get a different treatment. Learn the techniques for these specific categories of tea and how it differs from gong fu brewing.

Take Our Virtual Brewing Class You’ve read all about the different brewing methods for Chinese tea; now put that learning to practice to truly master the art of it with our virtual brewing class.

Conversation Series on How Chinese Drink Tea Over TimeShunan speaks with Wenqian Jiang (Amber), a lecturer at Anhui Agriculture University, about how the Chinese have drunk tea over time in this three-part series.

Understand the Fundamentals of Each Category of Tea: Our Tea Fundamentals pages give you the fundamentals you need to know about each specific category of tea. We talk history, processing, location, varietals, and more in each category. 

Take Our Crash Course: Now that you have most of the fundamentals in place, let’s apply them to our teas! With this course, we will mail you a bundle of ten teas to watch alongside educational videos. Brewing class included in this set.

Learn About Individual Teas: Take a deeper dive into the historic teas we carry at Tea Drunk on our tea product pages. Each tea has a good amount of information specific to that teas history, making, taste, varietal, and terroir.

Take The Tea Fundamentals Course: This course is perfect for anyone looking to truly dive deep into their interest in tea. You'll drink 17 teas over the course of a 20-hour course on the Tea Drunk Academy.

Continue Your Tea Education Long Term With Us: Each month, we meet twice to discuss a tea in depth together as a community in our Educational Tea Club. Shunan brings all of her deep knowledge of the tea, its history, making, and we can taste and learn together.

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What's The Tea Drunk Academy?

The Tea Drunk Academy is a course-driven platform where we host our past guided tasting videos from our Educational Tea Club, webinar series, and educational materials. Whether you’re just starting your tea education or have been an active member of the Tea Drunk community for years, we recommend taking a look at this curriculum from the starting point. Each offering gets a bit more granular as you progress, but having a solid foundational knowledge of tea and its history is so vital to your experience with the leaves.

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