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Eighty Degrees Magazine

A print magazine about tea culture

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  • Issue 8

    Hear various stories of people whose lives have been affected by tea, converse with a man who found solace in bonsai, explore ceramics, discuss the potential of Indian teas and their place in the world, and go on a hike looking for a treasure on the Mountain of the Moon, have a look at tea spaces, taste yak butter tea in the Himalayas, and have a tea session to learn about the complexities of the pu’er subculture.

  • Issue 7

    Trace the origins of white tea in China; understand quality rating of tea; learn about the inception of specialty tea culture in Central Europe; investigate the origin of Earl Grey; talk about the working conditions and human rights behind the tea label.⁣

  • Issue 6

    Read stories about the transience of tea. Explore the legendary origins of Chinese black tea; learn the struggles of China accepting wine with those of tea in the West;
    examine how temperature affects brewing.

  • Issue 5

    Look at four of China's green kings; investigate the appeal of coffee and tea; hear the pandemic journey of tea companies; explore tea and food pairings; talk tea with a fifth-generation metal artisan in Kyoto.

  • Issue 4

    Discover the power of terroir and the world's most impactful tax cut; take a journey of discovery of ancient tea trials and trading routes; chat with an olfactory expert and search for laphet yay in Rangoon.

  • Issue 3

    Re-discover the ancient art of making Snow Shan in Vietnam; look at various tea habits in Europe and the violent history between Britain and China resulting in the Opium Wars; travel to Chengdu's old tea houses; drink your way through the Russian Revolution, stroll through colorful Bangkok and Malawi.

  • Issue 2

    Venture to Uji to sit down with an 11th-generation matcha master; explore wabi-sabi; witness the destruction of rooibos crops as the climate emergency wreaks havoc on the plains of South Africa; learn about Brazilian tea production, and explore the perfect gong fu brew.