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White Tea

Wild Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) 白牡丹

Sun-soaked cotton, wildflowers, and apricot

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Little Veggie Tea 2022: A viscous and full-bodied white tea made from indigenous heirloom tea trees. This rare small- leaf tea has been adoringly named "Little Veggie Tea" and has notes of rice butter, pea shoots, with the freshness of cucumbers.

Early Spring 2021: This batch transports us to sunbathing in a field of flowers.

About This Tea

Traditionally crafted using nothing but the sun and the wind, this tea transports us to sunbathing in a field of flowers. This batch is harvested from wild tea trees in the birthplace of white tea, Fu Ding.

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  • Origin

    Dian Tou, Fu Ding, Fu Jian Province, China (~500m elevation)

  • History and Significance

    Tea Drunk's Bai Mu Dan hails from the birthplace of white tea, Fu Ding, in Fu Jian Province, China.

  • Category

    Category: White Tea

    Sub-Category: Fu Ding (Southern Yin Zhen)

    Cultivar: Da Hao (China Tea #2)

  • Processing

    The official second grade of white tea, Bai Mu Dan, consists of one fat bud and two leaves. It is not always inferior in terms of picking time to Yin Zhen. The best Bai Mu Dan is harvested simultaneously with Yin Zhen, and it is simply the maker's choice whether or not to go through more steps to make it into Yin Zhen or sell as Bai Mu Dan. In this case, a Bai Mu Dan can be considered an un-de-leaved Yin Zhen, and it is commonly accepted as a preference in taste among professionals to choose Bai Mu Dan over Yin Zhen instead of a fail of expertise. However, even though Bai Mu Dan has overlapping seasons with Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Bai Mu Dan's making continues even when Yin Zhen's making has ended. Thus, the later harvested Bai Mu Dan is indeed more inferior to Yin Zhen. As the season goes into summer, the buds become skinnier, and the leaves become larger than the buds.

  • Tasting Notes

    This tea reminds us of sun-soaked cotton, mead, apricot kernel and has a herbaceous note to it.

  • Brewing Instructions

    Please see above for the category specific brewing specs for Gong Fu brewing. For brewing in a teapot, mug, or single cup visit this article here.

  • Learn How To Gong Fu Brew

    This foundational course is a great resource to help you understand the methods and motions of Gong Fu Brewing.