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Making it on the Tea Drunk menu is an astonishing feat for a tea. The teas we sell are indeed the best in the world, made from the very best trees, in the very best terroir, by the very best farmers. And we don't stop there. Since Tea Drunk's teas are vintage-specific, we only consider offering the very best teas of that particular season. 

With the Everyday series, we aim to offer a highly-curated selection of high-end loose leaf teas for your everyday enjoyment. Following Tea Drunk's three pillars of excellence: location, cultivar, and craft, these teas are some of the best you will find on the market at unbeatable prices. 

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Wu Long (Oolong) Tea

Tea Drunk Everyday: Huang Guan Yin 黃觀音

toasted biscuits, woodsy herbs, long vegetal aftertaste

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  • Tasting Notes

    Huang Guan Yin is a crossbreed of the famous cultivars Huang Dan and Tie Guan Yin. This aromatic tea is here to delight your every day with notes of toasted biscuits and woodsy herbs. It has a bright aroma with a weighty body.

  • Origin, Category, and Sub-Category

    Qian Lan, Wu Yi Shan, Fu Jian Province, China (~300-500m elevation)

    Category: Wu Long (Oolong) Tea

    Sub-Category: Min Bei Wu Long (Yan Cha, Cliff Tea)

  • History and Signifigance

    Huang Guan Yin means Yellow Guan Yin (bodhisattva, goddess of mercy). It is a crossbreed of Huang Dan and Tie Guan Yin. Hence the name incorporates elements of both teas.

  • Processing

    Yan Cha tea is made with only the leaves, making it one of the latest teas to be harvested each year, with Ban Yan picking time around early to mid-April and Zheng Yan early May. After the teas are sufficiently wilted, they remain on bamboo trays for a few hours before being shaken or tumbled to manage enzyme activity. This step regulates how the water inside the leaves travels outward. The process is repeated every hour, 5-8 times throughout the evening and night until morning. Once the teas are acceptably fermented in the early morning, they are then wok-fried to kill the enzymes in the leaves to stop the fermentation. Fresh out of the wok when the leaves are still hot and soft, they are rolled vigorously to break the surface membranes to bring out more consistent flavors in the tea. The most tedious step in all Chinese tea making is the stem-picking step, which in Yan Cha's case takes place for several months following the rough tea making. It is a step where undesired yellow leaves (old leaves) and stems are picked out by hand. The "cleaned" tea is then roasted on very dim charcoal ash for 8–12 hours, 1-3 times depending on the varietal, to make it a finished Yan Cha.

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How to Order Tea Drunk Everyday

Each pre-packaged loose leaf sample of Tea Drunk Everyday comes in the standard size for the specific category of tea. We've designed this series to help you incorporate drinking high quality tea into your everyday life, with three larger volume options:

- 7 packets

- 14 packets

- 30 packets