A Note From Shunan Teng About Pre-Sale

A Note From Shunan Teng About Pre-Sale

Dear tea friends,

It's a really exciting time at Tea Drunk; harvest season is in full swing - April is the primary month for top terroir across China. I've just landed after a 60-hour journey by plane, bus, and car to tea country to produce our world-famous teas alongside our heritage tea farm partners.

As many of you know, we offer a massive sale each year at the start of the harvest season to help fund our year's worth of tea with the Annual Tea Season Pre-Sale. We do this because, unlike mass-produced teas with multiple rounds of harvesting a year, our harvest season is only 10-15 days. It's this precious short window of time that offers the tea's peak potential and allows the farmers to maintain a healthy symbiotic relationship with the plants sustainably, working with the plant's natural growth cycle rather than attempting to alter it to meet the demand of consumers.

Community support at this time each year is vital to maintain integrity in how we produce tea and do business. It's also an incredible way for us to present the very best teas that the current vintage has to offer at a steal of a deal for you to taste and understand year-over-year how vintage affects tea's taste. We love being able to provide this to you and know that it's a beloved sale each year.

The Early Bird rates for the 2023 Pre-Sale go live tomorrow, April 13th, and will be available through April 30th. After that, our Regular rates will be open until May 15th. We strongly recommend getting in on the Early Bird, as there's no better deal all year! Members of our Tea Club will receive an email with an additional 20% discount on this offer!

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to score a great price on the world's most prized teas and feel empowered that your purchase supports us, a small business with a mighty mission, to continue bringing you unparalleled quality teas each year.

In addition to increasing access to the world's most prized teas, tea education is one of our core priorities at Tea Drunk. We are proud to be your go-to source for a robust, trustworthy, deep tea education collection. We've coined April #TerroirMonth and have been working on some awesome free educational materials for you that cover many of the questions we receive about how tea season works in China's top terroir!

Each week this month, we're highlighting a different area, so far we've dug into Lu An, the 1000-year-old tea region where Lu An Gua Pian and Huo Shan Huang Ya are from & Fu Ding, the birthplace of white tea, where there's currently the most unique fresh leaf tea market anywhere in China's top terroir. The Tea Lover's Guide to Harvest Season is a great place to brush up on factors that determine when tea is harvested.

We'll be sharing in-the-field updates to the Facebook Group, China's Top Terroir Tea Season 2023, to keep you all involved while I visit our heritage farm partners.

Please enjoy these articles and the Facebook Group conversation, and prepare your calendars for the Pre-Sale launch tomorrow! We appreciate your dedication to tea and your support immensely.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Shunan Teng & the Tea Drunk Team

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