Tips For Traveling With Tea

Tips For Traveling With Tea

As much as we appreciate brewing tea in our own home, with our setup curated perfectly, sometimes life takes us out into the world, and we wouldn't want to go without our tea!

Traveling with loose leaf tea can seem slightly daunting, with more to pack and consider, but the extra effort has truly great payouts.

We have brought our tea and Gong Fu teaware on camping trips; to foreign countries; and have been lucky to share our favorite tea with those we love along the way.

If you plan to take your tea traveling with you, here are some of our tips:

  1. Bring Pre-Weighed Packets: Tea Drunk packages our teas in sample sizes that are the perfect amount for one session. We recommend bringing these samples, so you don't need to concern yourself with a scale or measuring utensil. Individual packets also lower the risk of oxidation and moisture damage to the tea by keeping them sealed tightly until use.

  2. Avoid Temperature Changes: Tea does not like extreme environmental changes, so it is critical to be cautious when traveling. We recommend avoiding storing your tea in the fridge if you plan to travel with it. Condensation from taking tea in and out of a refrigerator can ruin the tea quickly.

  3. Keep It In Your Carry-On: Keeping your tea in your carry-on or a safe place in the front seat on a road trip can lessen the changes the tea leaves get crushed in transit. You'll also avoid the temperature and pressure changes that are high risk in the compartment below a plane. Keeping your tea and tea supplies in a rigid box is best to avoid any crushing or damage.

  4. Wrap Your Teaware Tight: We recommend wrapping each piece individually and as tightly as possible when traveling with delicate teaware. This method is the safest way to transport. We wrap it this way so that the parts don’t rattle against each other, which is While it is nice to have our special wares with us wherever we go, it is essential to remember that things can happen while traveling and that cracks or breakage of teaware are not impossible. Typically, we leave our most valuable (sentimental or otherwise) pieces at home and bring teaware we're a little less precious about.

  5. Be Ready To Share!: Part of the joy of making tea is the ability to share it with those around you. It is a great way to foster deeper connections amongst friends new and old. We strongly suggest you pull out your favorite tea to share when you're traveling and enjoy the relationships and time spent together!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips and tricks for traveling with loose leaf tea!

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