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Multi-Vintage Gua Pian Tea Tasting Set

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Discover the role vintage and craft play in a tea’s flavor profile: 6 teas from the same terroir, from 5 different vintages, most are crafted entirely by hand.

One packet of each tea below is included. 4 grams per packet, 24 grams total. 

Qi Shan, Lu An - Traditionally Handmade Early Spring 2023:  Ultra umami and silky with notes of gai lan.

 Qi Shan, Lu An - 100% Handmade Early Spring 2022: Ultimately balanced with umami, nuttiness, and a buttery texture 

Qi Shan, Lu An - Semi Handmade Early Spring 2022: Grassy, nutty, umami, and floral

Qi Shan, Lu An - 100% Handmade Mid Spring 2021: Roasted greens, floral tannins, and focused aroma

Qi Shan, Lu An - 100% Handmade Early Spring 2019: Umami, toasty with a buttery texture and floral finish

Qi Shan, Lu An - 100% Handmade Early Spring 2018: A creamy green tea with big, tranquil, sugary undertones. 


  • Brewing Instructions

    Each category of tea has it's own brew temperatures, recommended tea to water ratios, and steep times. We recommend checking out the individual tea page for more details on each!

  • Learn How To Gong Fu Brew

    This foundational course is a great resource to help you understand the methods and motions of Gong Fu Brewing.