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Multi-Vintage Long Jing Tea Tasting Set

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Discover our 2023 vintage Long Jing and revisit the 2022 vintage all in one package!

Two packets of each tea below is included. 4 grams per packet, 24 grams total. 


Shi Feng Shan - Heirloom, 100% Handmade, Mid Spring 2023: Outstandingly floral with notes of toasted rice and an elongated mouthfeel.

Shi Feng Shan - Heirloom, Traditionally Handmade, First Pluck 2023: Umami with aroma of sweet cream and lemon zest, and notes of chestnut.

Shi Feng Shan - Heirloom, 100% Handmade, First Pluck 2022: Floral and nutty, a true masterpiece! 


  • Brewing Instructions

    Each category of tea has it's own brew temperatures, recommended tea to water ratios, and steep times. We recommend checking out the individual tea page for more details on each!

  • Learn How To Gong Fu Brew

    This foundational course is a great resource to help you understand the methods and motions of Gong Fu Brewing.