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Tea Club Tastings

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Join the club! Every month, we host tea tastings for our Educational Tea Club. The theme changes and each session is about 30 min - 45 min. Sometimes we dive deep into one tea's terroir, varietal, processing and vintage nuances. Sometimes we do comparable tastings of two teas from same terroir but different varietals, or same varietals and different terroir. The topic is always focused on one key point to facilitate deep investigation of the tea and its flavor profile. 

Subscribe to our Educational Tea Club to join the tastings for FREE and receive the teas we tasted to enjoy at home as well. RSVP still required. Please email us if you haven't received a code!

Non-members are also welcome to join the tastings by participating in each session a la carte. 

*Please note that these tastings are also broadcasted and recorded for remote members on Zoom. Your face will likely not be in the video but your voice will be.*

Location: 240 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018