Meet The Artist: Ayumi Nojiri

Meet The Artist: Ayumi Nojiri

Ayumi Nojiri îs the artist co-hosting the Porcelain Tea Cup Crafting Workshop with Guided Tea Tasting Event on Sunday, January 29th at the NY Chinese Opera Society. Her work inspires us to savor every sip of tea and appreciate the elegance in the leaves as well as the experience of drinking their essence. 

Ayumi was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. She has been significantly influenced by her mother, who has worked worldwide. At the age of 24, she moved to New York to see the things her mother saw. 

She started ceramics in New York because she needed plates or cups at home.  She was looking for local ceramics shops but could not find anything she wanted. Then she thought, if she couldn't find it, let's make it. It's very simple.

Now she has enough cups or plates at home, but she continues to enjoy making ceramics! 

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Hi, I found your work online. It’s amazing your from Japan. Looking forward to following your work and supporting you.


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