An Experiential Year At World Tea Expo

An Experiential Year At World Tea Expo

Every year, the World Tea Expo comes to Las Vegas to gather the tea industry together for a few days to discuss industry trends, innovations, education for new businesses, and more. Shunan has been speaking during the Tea Flights seminars on different regions of China for the past few years, with this year's focus is on An Hui

tea tasting an hui

During her lecture, she discussed the history and processing of three An Hui teas - Lu An Gua Pian (Green Tea), Huo Shan Huang Ya (Yellow Tea), and Qi Men Hong Cha (Keemun) (Red Tea). An Hui is home to some of the most ancient and prestigious terroirs. The heritage farmers here have mastered sophisticated tea-making techniques, and the region produces diverse styles of teas. Students were able to taste these teas as they learned about them, and Shunan had such a fun time connecting with all who joined and expanding the industry's knowledge on true Chinese tea terroir.

tea drunk lecture

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In addition to Shunan's annual lecture, we had two first-time experiences at this year's Expo that were truly delightful: a six-course curated pairing and an after-hours hotel suite tea party! 

tea pairing world tea expo

A Curated Pairing At The Westgate Hotel 

The pairing event was in partnership with the World Tea Expo, where Shunan expertly curated six Chinese tapas-style dishes with six distinguished Chinese teas from historic terroir. Guests learned about each tea while enjoying the paired tapas and exploring the possibilities of taste. Many great conversations, laughs, and new friends were made amongst all who attended; we had a blast with you all! 

An After-Hours Tea Party at The Vdara Hotel Suites

photo @carolevymx

What better way to visit tea friends than over many cups of tea?? The tea party was one for the books - we had guests from seven countries attend and four languages spoken around the room. We all put the WORLD in World Tea Expo! Our friends at Nepal Tea brought some of the teas they produced, and we compared them side-by-side with the teas we crafted in both China and Argentina. Geeking out over comparison tastings late into the evening is our kind of Vegas party! 

We always feel that the most valuable part of World Tea Expo for us each year is the connections we make and rekindle with all of those we see. The education and innovations are always exciting for us to see and learn from, but the people are indeed what makes it special. Until next year! Stay tuned to our newsletter to hear about more gatherings in the future; we'd love to share tea with you too! 

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