How To Spot A Pu Er From East Of The Lan Cang River

How To Spot A Pu Er From East Of The Lan Cang River

The mighty Lan Cang River is the central divider in the tea region Xi Shuang Ban Naof Yun Nan, known for the growth of Pu Er. Teas from both sides of the river have very different characteristics due to their terroir.

Overall the east side teas are softer and more expansive in the mouthfeel with a permeating character that goes down deep. These are the old blood Pu Ers, with centuries of ancient history attached to each tea mountain. They are respectfully called the Six Ancient Mountains. Most historical records about Pu Er planting and trading during the Ming and Qing Dynasty through the tea horse road refer to these mountains.

While the east side has a general characteristic, each mountain has the characteristics for which they are individually renowned. This chart outlines the unique taste profiles of each mountain range east of the Lan Cang River. 

east side pu era


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