Teas We Drink To Feel Good

Teas We Drink To Feel Good


When most people think of tea, the first words that come to mind are “cozy,” “home,” “warming,” “calm,” or something similar. So it makes sense that we tend to drink tea when we're feeling down to give us a boost. We polled our community, asking what teas they drink when they want to feel better, and here’s what they have to say! 

Best Tea for a Hangover: Pu Er Sheng Cha 

The crisp, tannic, thirst-quenching quality of a young(ish) Pu Er Sheng Cha cuts right to the source of any ailment during a hangover. The warmth and steam clear your senses, and the sharpness of this style of tea really reignite our alertness. For easy access, we recommend using the mini cakes of Guo You Lin, as there’s nothing like just popping a perfectly portioned tea cake into your Gai Wan when your brain’s a little fuzzy. 


Best Tea for a Mood Boost: Dan Cong (Phoenix Oolong)

So many in our community sang loudly that their favorite style of tea to boost their mood was Dan Cong, Wu Long! It’s hard not to be uplifted by this tea category's gorgeous floral, fruity, robust aroma and bold flavors. We recommend trying Bai Ye, one of the best-selling teas at Tea Drunk, and its refreshingly peaching notes are impossible not to adore. One person even commented that it’s a smile in a cup, and we couldn’t agree more. 


Best Tea for Digestion: Pu Er Shou Cha 

Let Shou Pu cleanse away your guilt from any large feast or greasy meal. Unlike other categories of teas, black tea goes through a microbial fermentation process that is unmistakably earthy and good for our digestive health. It’s a go-to for hanging out and watching a movie with the family after a big holiday meal! 


Best Tea for Women’s Health: Red Tea 

Red tea is what some of the women we know drink when it’s their time of the month. It helps balance the body, and the warmth soothes the soul. It improves blood circulation, lessening the pain of those pesky cramps. We recommend trying Dian Hong; with its notes of roses, dates, and natural sweetness! 


Best Tea for Congestion: White Tea 

Warm liquids are vital to feeling a bit of relief from the uncomfortable feeling of congestion. Many choose white tea as a favorite for when they're feeling this way because of its higher levels of l-theanine. L-theanine is the compound that makes us feel calm in tea, and that’s just what we’re looking for when we’re congested. We recommend the Little Veggie Bai Mu Dan, as it’s a cultivar that brings a strong, bold herbaceous flavor to help lift your spirits and clear your system. 


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